LAF 8.0 - 1 DAY TO GO!

The much awaited Lagos Architects Forum 8.0 is around the corner and it promises to be a rewarding experience.

As mentioned in the previous post, the event themed “An Architectural Autopoiesis” is targeted at “renewing the processes and systems in which the built environment endeavours are being conducted in the light of the present- day realities.” here is something to look forward to:

Discover how to birth "The Next Big Idea" with Christine at Lagos Architects Forum 2017

Korean born Christine Nakaoka, Award winning architect, designer, creative director, and retail executive with more than two decades of experience in brand identity, retail environment, and creative process management would be discussing the concept of recreating the thought processes in designing for the new dispensation. would be bringing you daily updates of events at LAF 8.0.

STAY TUNED............

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