LAF 8.0 DAY 1

The Lagos Architects Forum Kicked off as scheduled earlier today. The event was well attended by dignitaries and guests from within and outside the country, cutting across all fields of the building industry and beyond.

The event was declared open by the State Chapter chairman of the Nigerian Institute of Architects (NIA) Lagos; Arc Fitzgerald Umah. In his welcome address, he stated that this year's event looks to address issues of Regeneration, Rebuilding, Recreating, and Reinventing in the light of the current economic recession.

The line up of speakers would be handling sessions that will inspire fresh perspectives and a new way of thinking that will help professionals pull through this period.

One of the highlights of today's event was that everyone finally got to understand the meaning and application of the word "Autopoiesis". In a speech delivered by Prof. Folasade Tolulope Ogunsola, a professor of Microbiology, consultant and doctor of over 30 years, the concept of this year's theme was explained.

The word Autopoiesis is translated from the greek words auto (self) and Poiesis (creation) meaning "self creation", it refers to a system capable of reproducing and maintaining itself; this should be the approach with which the profession of Architecture in Nigeria should begin to chart its course in the light of the current economic recession.

70 percent of Nigeria's population makes up the poor who live on less than $1 per day and are unable to afford basic necessities, while the remaining 30 percent are the rich that live and maintain lavish lifestyles; our Architecture in Nigeria caters to the rich in the society leaving the poor to fend for themselves by whatever means possible; hence the development of slums, increasing crime rates and other challenges that arise due to this ever widening divide.

A recommended solution to the underlying challenge is to begin to develop our Architecture to begin to tailor solutions for the poor in the society and devise means by which Architecture caters to the poor as well as the rich in our society and by doing this, we become self reproducing and sustainable.

Very interesting as promised ........ we will continue to bring you more updates as the event unfolds........ STAY TUNED!

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