LAF 8.0 DAY 2

Day 2 continued in similar fashion. The line up of speakers all delivered talks in resonance with the theme of the event

The morning session kicked off with a welcome speech by the NIA state chairman, Arc Fitzgerald Umah, followed by the National president of the NIA, Arc Tonye Braide. In his speech, Arc Tonye stated that "our buildings define the quality of our society", he therefore charged Lagos Architects to blaze the trail to lead the country out of recession and explained that he was not only referring just to economic recession but also intellectual recession.

A major highlight of the day was the Keynote address delivered by Bishop Mathew Kukah, ordained Catholic priest, Human rights activist, as well as the Secretary of the National Political Reform conference in 2005.

The Bishop spoke on the topic "Homelessness as a moral scar on the face of Nigeria " He challenged Architects to handle the blight of homelessness as a moral issue that needs to be addressed urgently. The state of homelessness in Nigeria is as a result of the failure of urbanization. There’s an arrogance of the government and the elite in dealing with homelessnes, they see the issue as the fault of the homeless. Critical issues of succession in politics needs to be addressed for any change to occur in that direction.

He therefore recommended that Architects need to be extra creative due to the nature of the complexities that exist in our society and it requires thinking outside the box. There’s the need for Architects to consider breaking the mould and not practice architecture in a straight line but rather go into architecture that responds to the dynamics of the Nigerian society.

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